redneckgaijin (redneckgaijin) wrote in wlp,

PitW Book 2 Release Delayed

Okay, it's time to face up to it: we're not even close to sending PitW Book 2, either version, to the printers. That means we simply won't have them in time for Project: A-Kon 2014.

Ben and I are both very sorry about this.

The main reason for the delay is that Ben still has a day job, PLUS weekly updates of PitW (which has been two-page updates for several months now, hence so many missed updates), PLUS freelance work for Palladium Press and other outlets. He simply hasn't had all that much time or energy to devote to bringing the Book 2 pages up to print quality.

To speed things up we're adding more manpower to the problem. I'm going to be doing re-lettering work (resizing word balloons smaller for the print version) on all pages that don't need any further touching up. Ben has got a friend of his to do toning work on some of the other pages. Hopefully this combination will get things into high gear and allow us to get the book printed around Labor Day for a release at Anime Weekend Atlanta...

... but this time I'm making no promises.

Instead I'm doing this:

That's a progress bar of the pages I KNOW are ready to go. Last I heard Ben had completed work on story page 161x. With none of the backup material ready, but with covers and frontispiece in hand, that's 68 out of 206 ready to go- less than a third of the way there. I hope to bump that number up by a lot in the next few days as we comb through the pages and see what can be done.

When that bar is fully red, we'll be about one month from books-in-hand, counting print turnaround time.

So please be patient with us; we know we blew it, and we're trying hard to get it fixed.
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