redneckgaijin (redneckgaijin) wrote in wlp,

News, and update.

Bad news: WLP's 2006-era desktop packed it in for good today. Stupid WD hard drive.

Good news: pretty much everything important was backed up to either a new hard drive or the laptop I'm writing this one, and a new desktop computer sits here (an Xmas gift from a fan) waiting for the new hard drive. (Which will need an external-HD case, since the new compy's case is far too small and has the wrong wiring for adding this hard drive.)

And now... despite compy death... TWO pages of Debbie Wynn's notes!

Also, a special episode of the WLP Podcast will be available at (or possibly before) 10 PM tonight- featuring an interview with Kittyhawk, creator of Sparkling Generation Valkyrie Yuuki!
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