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WLP Holiday Sale Continues!

WLP Holiday Sale Continues!

First, a reminder of what was posted Sunday night.

WLP Online Store:
Adults-only Store:

10% minimum off all books, games, DVDs, etc. with some things discounted 25%, 33%, 50% and even 80%!

20% off ALL T-shirts (and I've just updated and with the newest designs)!

And 33% off the following four designs... which will get the axe if they don't sell some copies in December!

Have You Seen My Time Machine? -
Pimp Dalek -
Epoch Fail -
Legend Dairy -

Plus I'll be adding more books, manga, and ESPECIALLY DVDs (including classic Doctor Who stories and some great old-school anime) over the coming week!

ADDED MONDAY: the most recent Haruhi Suzumiya manga releases!

ADDED TUESDAY: all the Spice & Wolf manga, novels, and the complete DVD/Blu-Ray collection!

ALSO ADDED TUESDAY: eleven classic DOCTOR WHO adventures on DVD!

TO BE ADDED WEDNESDAY: a bunch of great classic anime hits Kris Overstreet loves and thinks you should own!

Orders need to be placed by December 15th if you want them for Christmas delivery.

I need to reduce some inventory and get cash for the lean winter months- so please keep checking the online stores and shopping WLP!

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